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Beeminder integration is here - Use BaaS + Beeminder together

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  • Wed 12 August 2020
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Now we have an official integration with Beeminder! Super excited about this!

Together, BaaS + Beeminder can be very potent tools in your arsenal.

Beeminder, in case you haven't tried it before, is an amazing tool that charges money when you don't do what you commit to. But it's just not about negative reinforcement and a commitment contract - it's a powerful system with graphs, quantified-self nerdery, and a lovely supporting community.

Where does BaaS come in? - you can use BaaS to add an extra layer of accountability between you and your Beeminder goal, to keep you honest and more accountable!

Read how you can set this system up on the official blogpost on the Beeminder blog and on the landing page here! :)

And if you have any questions on how to make it work better for you, drop us a message! :)

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